Our Value

Women and girls involved in the justice system deserve compassion and respect and opportunities to realize their full human potential.

  • We believe that women’s rights are human rights
  • We are guided by the truth and reconciliation calls to action
  • We focus on a holistic client-centered approach
  • We believe in a just community
  • We strive to build and maintain a sustainable organization.


Our Vision

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Saskatchewan strives for a just community, advocating for the rights, freedoms, and fair treatment of all women and girls involved with the justice system.


Our Mission

We are a strong and sustainable organization that:

  • Works with women and girls before, during and after involvement with the justice system to provide legal assistance, access to information and programming, and support for community integration.
  • Advocates for the human rights, dignity and self-worth of all women and girls.

The following webpages explain more about who we are and the work we do: