The following is a list of services and supports our reintegration workers have done in the past:

  • Attend probation meetings
  • Search for transitional and long-term housing; take clients to view apartments
  • Take clients to the food bank
  • Take clients to medical appointments/cover prescriptions when necessary
  • Social assistance advocacy
  • Child and family reunification support
  • Obtain educational transcripts
  • Assist with furniture and housewares
  • Assist clients with getting IDs (birth certificates, health cards, treaty cards)
  • Referrals to in-patient treatment beds for clients
  • Provide transportation to and around Saskatoon
  • Remind clients of court appearances and arrange for transportation to court if needed (especially if court appearance is outside of Saskatoon)
  • Provide clothing and hygiene products to transitional individuals
  • Take clients to various appointments and stay with them if they need support
  • Take clients to seek emergency mental health services
  • Communicate with client’s family members
  • Provide brief, solution-focused interventions and planning
  • Financial literacy support & advice
  • HIV support
  • Domestic violence interventions and safety planning
  • Facilitating payment of bail monies
  • Connections with Indigenous organizations and communities

Basically, there is not much that we won’t consider doing if it is within our means and supports women as they transition back into community. We seek to connect women with other services and supports in their communities and often act as their ‘Google’; providing them with the information and resources they need to hopefully make responsible, positive and healthy decisions.

For more information, please contact:
Jonna ReaumeReintegration Worker
Direct Phone: (306) 668-0604
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.